Our Story

I taught yoga for 25 years but always had a passion for creating vintage jewelry. One day I came upon a watch in my stash and when I opened it up and all the tiny gears and watch parts fell out, I fell in love and started creating watch part jewelry. That was 24 years ago and now steampunk jewelry and the entire genre associated with it is all the rage. Steampunk societies, clothes, sculpture, art, furniture, has all become very popular. After teaching and vending my wares for many years, I decided to settle down to one space and open up a unique shop that would showcase Cleveland's finest industrial artists. My shop is a conglomeration of many artists' visions of their own interpretation of steampunk. We have vintage style lamps made of all sorts of tools, gauges, and the like as well as scrap metal welding that is absolutely exquisite, pipe and wood furniture, and of course my one of a kind jewelry. We also carry a line of fun and colorful hippie clothes and accessories.

"It's a bit goth, a lot punk, and totally cool!"